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Free slots with bonus games and free spins

Everybody loves to play online slot machine games, but they always cost money to play, right? Wrong! There are tons of opportunities out there to not only play free games at Wizard Slots but also play slots with bonus games AND free spins without spending a penny! How is this possible, you ask? We’re going to be revealing all these secrets and more throughout this article, so read on to find out. We are going to be looking at:

        ‘Play for Free’ slots

        No Deposit Slots

        Free Slot Bonuses!

Play for Free Slots

First, you have to realize that not all slot machine games require a financial deposit. Whilst many of course do, this is not always the case – there is a whole range of online slot machine games which are known as ‘play for free’ or ‘play for fun’. This literally means what it says on the tin – you can play these slot machine games completely for free without spending a single penny. Best of all, these games are not just free but also fun and full of content, and that includes bonus games and free spins! However, these companies certainly aren’t going to give you a load of money for free, so ‘play for free’ slots with bonuses reward you with a virtual currency. You can then use this virtual currency to fund more free slots, unlock new levels and more! Brilliant.

Free Slot Bonus Games for Real Money

If you read that last section and decided that ‘play for free’ slots are not for you, we get it. Part of the fun in online slots is the thrill of trying your luck at hitting the jackpot. However, sometimes you are not in the mood to make a deposit and simply want a free slot machine game, free spins and bonus rounds that still reward you with real cash. Well, you may be surprised to hear that this is absolutely possible! Most online slot casinos will provide bonus offers that allow you to occasionally play online slot machine games completely for free, even if you hit the jackpot!  There are several ways you can claim such experiences, including:

        Join a new slot casino and claim a ‘no deposit bonus’ for free slots, bonuses, and free spins!

        If you recently made a deposit but have used it already, many casinos will offer you some free spins on your favourite game for another chance to hit that bonus!

        If you are a high roller and play at an online casino regularly, you could join the V.I.P exclusive programme in which you will get regular access to free slots, free spins and free bonuses – epic!

Final Thoughts

Overall, despite what many people believe, there are many opportunities to play free slots with bonuses AND free spins without spending a penny. If you just love playing slots and don’t care about the cash rewards then Play For Free slots are an ideal opportunity, but if you want to play for real cash then you’ll just have to look out for some epic free spin bonuses!