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ShiftSmart – How Remote Working Helps The Employer

During the lockdowns which we have had over the last 12 months there has been a big rise in those looking to work remotely. This was made possible thanks to great software and amazing companies like ShiftSmart, who put employees in touch with remote working opportunities. Now many of us will have said we didn’t enjoy this, however this is because we were forced into it. The reality in fact is that a huge percentage of employees prefer this kind of working.

Many employers however have been suspicious about this kind of working option, but this really shouldn’t be the case. Here are just some of the benefits which employers get from this kind of work lifestyle.

Easier Management of Staff and Projects

There is absolutely no doubt at all that through the software which we have available right now, that companies can manage projects and their staff in an easier way than ever before. Through a single portal online companies have direct access to their staff at all times, they can gauge the status of projects and they can easily connect key stakeholders. Managing people digitally is far easier than doing so physically.

Increased Levels of Productivity

Many believe that their staff will produce less if they are not in the office, however it is the reality which is true here. Your staff will be far less stressed and they will be infinitely happier in their more comfortable position, and that means that they will pump out far more for you in terms of productivity. This has been proven time and time again. Many also wrongly believe that staff will have more distractions at home, but it is in the office where there are in fact more of those distractions.

Huge Cost Savings

No longer having to pay for an office space, be it rented or bought, no longer having to pay energy bills and maintenance staff, cleaning staff, kitchen staff and IT support; all of this is going to save your business a huge amount of money. There will of course be some extras to pay, you may need to cover the cost of working for your employees or pay for co-working spaces but this will really pale in comparison to what you are paying at the moment for the infrastructure of the office.

Less Absences

We have so many absences in the workplace which come from people not feeling like going to work, or perhaps even those which may have drank a little too much the night before. Thanks to this kind of working, you are going to see an enormous reduction in those who stay off work. The reason for this is that they can work from their bed if they so wish, at least for a couple of hours. Sickness and absenteeism costs the workplace a huge amount each and every year, thanks to this kind of working, that will soon become a thing of the past.